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Converse-in-Q: Your Instant Insights Catalyst. Engage with respondents and get data-driven insights on the fly!

BuzzPulse-in-Q: Social Media’s Sizzling Secrets Revealed. Tap into the buzz in real-time, harnessing insight from instant Social Media data analytics!

Elevate your insights game to a whole new level with the power of data hybridation, delivering real-time hybrid data magic!

Digital Technology Shaping the Future of Market Research: Watch It Unfold Before Your Eyes


Programmatic Sampling

Reach respondents anywhere in the world at any scale and any targeting precision with our Programmatic Sampling

Conversational Data Collection

Don’t impose on your consumers to respond in any shape or form as in traditional surveys. Have Conversations with them in Natural Language collecting their input in form of free Text, Audio and Video


Powerful AI Analytics

Collecting Consumers input in Natural Language delivers great Insights thanks to our powerful AI Algorithms that structure it and dive deeply into its meaning understanding what truly matters for Consumers

Insights Sharing Through Smart Dashboarding

H-in-Q Dashboards are not mere graphical representations of data. They are a channel to deliver Real Time deep insight resulting from advanced Analytics such as Predictive modelling, Classifications, Machine Learning, etc.


The best Data driven Marketing

at your fingertips

Solutions that boost
your business growth


Use our pre-programmed automated or tailormade designs for any Marketing challenge you might face. We deliver for you world class research such as Branding, CX, Pricing, Concept Testing, Product testing, Advertising testing, etc.

Data Collection

The world is yours. Collect data anywhere. Sharply target your respondents. Don't ask them to respond picking 1s and 7s. Let them naturally express their thoughts and feelings freely speaking or writing

Analytics and Dashboarding

AI has changed the game all together. Extract deep and actionable insights from respondents natural input and have it available to you near real time. Experience the power of Conversational coupled with Machine Learning Analytics

Retail Marketing

H-in-Q offers you unparalleled experience and expertise in Retail Marketing Solutions. Experience the power of Shopper Research and Technology enabling General and Modern Trade strategies and tactics

Since its launch, H-in-Q served demanding clients across multiple continents and cultures

H-in-Q continues to serve high profile clients on high stake business issues

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