Unveiling the Unfiltered Voice of Communities

Unleash the Power of Real-Time Market Research

HiVox-in-QEngage Your Community, leverage AI to unlock Real-Time Insights

HiVox-in-Q blends the communal spirit of a beehive with the power of voice to revolutionize market research. Our plateforme symbolizes the unity of community and communication, transforming how insights are gathered and analyzed.

HiVox-in-QAI taking Community Chats to a whole new level

Go beyond surveys and focus groups. HiVox-in-Q fosters vibrant communities where your target audience can engage online in authentic conversations about your brand, product, or industry. Break down language barriers with instant voice-to-text conversion and gather rich qualitative data in any local language. Witness the power of collective intelligence as participants share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences, creating a tapestry of insights far exceeding traditional research methods.

Gain Real-Time Insights with advanced data processing and NLP Analytics

Stop waiting for reports. HiVox-in-Q’s advanced AI engine analyzes the conversation as it unfolds, extracting key insights, identifying trending topics, and uncovering hidden themes. Our user-friendly dashboard presents these insights in a clear and visual format, allowing you to monitor the discussion and make informed decisions throughout the research process.

Get all your questions answered with HiVox-in-Q AI-Powered Chatbot

Never miss a beat. HiVox-in-Q integrates a dedicated AI Chatbot assistant that acts as your personal research partner. Query, at will, content shared by respondents. Your AI powered chatbot assistant is readily available to answer all your questions, interpret data, and guide you generating insights.

Transform your market research

Engage Users Wherever They Go

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