We do not sell anything on this page. We use it to do serious and professional market research.

When you kindly agree to answer our questionnaires, you are really helping us. This is why, in recognition of your help, we systematically offer you participation in our draws to win super interesting prizes.

All our draws are done in the presence of a bailiff. The draws are made for each study separately the month following the month of its closure. We will choose with our bailiff the winner.

Anyone who replies to the questionnaire more than once will be prohibited from participating in our draws. Participation in the draw is also prohibited for respondents who give false or incomplete information with regard to name, National ID number or telephone number.

The draws are done using Excel's Alea () function. Each participant is assigned a random number. The list is ordered 100 times in ascending order of random numbers. At the end of the hundredth draw we take the first from the list. The latter is the winner of the draw.

We send the winner an SMS and if he / she does not show up for a week we do not hand over the prize.

We will ask the winners for their permission to publish their last name, first name and city on our page. If they refuse we will consider their case as the case of winners who did not show up as explained in the previous paragraph.

The winner who satisfies our conditions, as described above, will be informed of the place and date of delivery of his prize by telephone one week at the latest after his acceptance of publication of his first name and city on our page.

Your data is always processed anonymously. Your personal data is never shared with people and is never used to contact you in any way other than for the draw if you are the winner or quality control reasons.

To assert your right of access, rectification and deletion of your personal data in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data, please let us know at the address email donnes.personnelles@h-in-q.com.