Digital is the future

Digital data collection has many benefits compared to classical approaches:

  1. Better Cost: Collecting face to face survey data can be costly. You must pay for interviewers. Digital allows for survey data collection to be performed automatically minimizing cost.

  2. Better quality: Better quality can be achieved in different ways:

    • Known respondents: When combined with a panel-based approach digital market research allows significant gains in quality compare to face to face techniques where little control can be exercised on interviewers work despite all quality processes that are typically deployed by market research providers.

    • Large scale samples: Digital data collection techniques allow for much larger sample sizes, improving the reliability of data. Face to face surveys can be difficult to conduct at any kind of large scale unless you have massive resources.

  3. Better timing: Digital research allows for surveys completion in a fraction of time needed for traditional market research. When data processing and reporting are automated surveys can be completed in a matter of days if not hours.