With just over 4 billion internet users worldwide, some 53% of humans are connected to the internet. From January 2017 to January 2018 internet penetration grew 7%. 42% of the world’s populations are social media users with annual a 13% annual growth in January 2018. Mobile is increasingly becoming an important internet and social networks access media. 68% of the world’s population has at least one mobile phone, of which more than half are smart phones and 39% of social media users use mobile phones to connect. This creates a world where the possibilities of understanding consumers become virtually endless. Digital has the particularity of bringing together on a single medium, internet, the possibility of interacting with the consumer and measuring his reactions. We launch a new product and we can measure the reactions of consumers to this launch, almost in real time, on an internet site, on social media, on search engines, etc. both structurally through a questionnaire, for instance, and spontaneously by analyzing the data generated through internet traffic linked to this launch. Same goes for advertising; it can be broadcasted on social networks, for instance, and we can collect, on these same platforms, consumers’ reactions to its format, content and measure its potential to trigger or not purchase. The ability to combine data collected both structurally in in unstructured ways open the door to possibilities that we can only start imagine at this point in time.