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March 9th 2021

AnthoTech Program

Forces at work shaping our industry's future

Mind the Ease Temptation behind the Sole Data and Tech

Speaker🎤 Driss Farissi

CEO / Founder, H in Q

Collect Consumer feedback as free Text

Ad testing example using unstructured text consumer feedback and IA to deliver a near real time smart dashboard

Speaker🎤 Badr-Eddine Adnani

Senior Manager Market Insights, INWI

Collect Consumer feedback as free Chat (Text + Voice)

Community chat is a different way to collect consumer feedback. Here we are going beyond the question / response classical model trying to leverage the community dynamics to generate an even richer feedback through community conversations. AI is used to structure and analyse data actionable insights

Speaker🎤 Jihad Zahir

Assistant Professor, Université Cadi Ayyad Marrakech

Chatbots : A new tool to interact with consumers

Optimise your Customer Experience using chatbots. These wonderful tools being multi channel (text, voice, video) can be used both as questionnaires and Customer Support tools

Mettre un deuxième speaker ici pour chatbot Novatis

Speaker 🎤 Mohamed Benchekroun

Responsable Expérience Client, KIA Maroc

Facial expressions are also consumer feedback that can be collected and analyzed

Using AI we dive deeply into consumer emotions measured through facial expressions. This allows us to derive useful insights for our clients businesses

Speaker🎤 Zakaria Bousserghine

Junior Solutions Developer, H-in-Q

World Class Digital CX

Use H-in-Q non intrusive tools to measure live your customer’s Digital Experience using AI and take timely decisions thanks to our smart dashboards

Speaker🎤 Driss Farissi

CEO / Founder, H in Q

Artificial Intelligence,

a powerful asset for your Marketing

Team Event

Driss Farissi

CEO & Founder

Boutaina Tazi

Senior Account Executive

Khaoula Farissi

Junior Account Executive Technical Lead

Zakaria Bousserghine

Junior Solutions Developer

Yacine Belkadi

Junior Data Scientist

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