H-in-Q was created by Driss Farissi, a world class marketing strategist and market researcher. After more than 25 years spent in the industry working both on client and supplier side in 7 countries and 3 continents with projects spanning all the 5 continents, Driss decided to start his own business to participate in shaping market research future.

The key concept of H-in-Q is to leverage the power of the combination of technology and marketing expertise to offer to our industry clients the best of the digital marketing era.

Internet made it possible for the first time in marketing history to interact with consumers and measure how they react on the same platform understanding on near real time what they do and why they do it offering potential to react an adapt to their needs nearly instantly.

H-in-Q offers solutions covering all marketing areas including, but not limited to, branding, brand health tracking, Innovation management, pricing, shopper, client satisfaction, retail, etc. We guarantee our clients to offer, for all their business challenges, world class solutions and unmatched client support and consulting.

Our strength lies in our continuous quest to offer our clients the most up to date market research tools, solutions and approaches.

Our unique positioning sits at the crossroads of marketing consulting, digital, data management and analytics.